Mutual Funds: Your Money, Your Choice ... Take Control Now and Build Wealth Wisely

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It is through these systems that your accounts are managed and commissions and fees are collected. What caused it was overly optimistic Wall Street-generated mathematical forecasts that led banks and other sophisticated institutional investors to load up on mortgage debt securities and other leveraged products. These forecasts of course turned out to be completely wrong, sending major Wall Street giants like Lehman Brothers, New Century, and Washington Mutual to bankruptcy, banks like IndyMac and Countrywide into hastily arranged marriages with larger banks, and industry giants like AIG and Fannie Mae into government receivership.

So, financial planners and advisors use these Wall Street-based investing scenarios to come up with an investment allocation plan for you. Just know that the plan they provide for you may not work out as you hoped. Because of the inherent conflicts of interest between consumers and financial services companies, more than 70 years ago lawmakers passed a series of standards to help protect the public from being taken advantage of by the financial services industry.

People who are entrusted with investing your money — financial advisors, financial planners, brokers, and registered investing advisors — are required by law to adhere to certain standards of conduct with regard to clients. There are two standards of conduct: the suitability standard and the fiduciary standard.

They are under no legal responsibility to disclose that the investments they choose for you are not the best ones for you.

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Also know that brokers who work for a brokerage do not legally have to put your best interests first either. Brokers are not obligated to work under the fiduciary standard see next paragraph. The fiduciary standard is much more strict. If two financial products will get the job done but come with different fees, the fiduciary is bound to advise you to purchase the less expensive one, even if it will result in less fees or commissions.

Financial planners are granted certifications based on the type and amount of education they receive. The best ones are not aligned with any financial firms and are not brokers of any kind. These planners tend to specialize in picking stocks or bonds. They must pass the Series 7 exam to become a registered representative authorized to sell securities.

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AUM fees generally range from 0. One thing you have to watch is that when fees are based off of your account balance, the amount you pay each year will grow as your account grows. They also publish a series of important questions to ask prospective advisors. The Garrett Planning Network is another nationwide network of independent fee-only financial planners. Their job is to educate, guide, and teach you what you need to know to invest confidently, safely, and profitably. They focus on financial education so you can make informed decisions with your money and take control of your financial future.

That is the job of a qualified financial advisor or planner. This can include help with budgeting, saving, and tax-reduction strategies as well as investing strategies. They help guide you up the investing mountain towards your investing goals. They provide a clear step-by-step roadmap that teaches you all the investing options available. They also keep you on the path and help you avoid the costly mistakes that can send you falling down the side of the mountain.

Whether your goal is to save for retirement or create more income, the end result is teaching you to become independent and empowered to make your own decisions. A personal coach helps you understand all the asset classes you can invest in, including stocks, bonds, real estate, tax liens, and gold and silver. Most financial planners only focus on stocks and bonds, as those asset classes are easily managed and commissions collected on them, year after year. Add money in or take it out as you wish. Fixed deposits are very conservative and low growth options.

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Some banks are starting to offer better interest rates and no penalty to your money if you do need to break the term earlier. One of the best ways to turbocharge savings to build wealth. Get a good advisor. Invest regularly via a monthly SIP option to balance out market fluctuations, to encourage further growth and savings as well as remove a lot of stress in needing to analyse the state of the market each month. Equity has higher potential and with that comes higher risk. Tax rates from gains are some of the lowest across all asset classes.

The benefit: interest earned holding a sovereign guarantee and the tax-free returns holds appeal for some. Still better than doing nothing. The initial investment can be low. Yes, you can surrender a policy if you have paid premiums for a minimum number of years. Be ready to suffer a loss when you do this. You can also convert an insurance policy into a paid-up plan after three years. The paid-up value is given to the policyholder on maturity. The policy turns into a paid-up plan if premiums are not paid for two consecutive years. This is an option Amit Acharya can explore.

What is investing and why invest?

Amit Acharya , 45 years, Raipur Premium paid: Rs 1. The high premium of these plans prevent investing in other lucrative avenues. But in many cases, they even spend more than they earn. Easy financing options and plastic money prevent young individuals from distinguishing their wants from their needs. They may need to save for retirement, but the newly cell phone they want has come in the way.

The best accounts for investing $25k

If this urge to spend gets out of hand, it can prove catastrophic for your finances. In the table, we have looked at such needless expenses as lost opportunities to invest. If you want to avoid these regrets, rein in your spending now. Studies show that people tend to overspend if they use a credit card.

Mutual Funds: Your Money, Your Choice... Take Control Now and Build Wealth Wisely

To suppress the shopaholic in you, leave your credit card behind when you go to the mall. Take cash instead. Legendary investor Warren Buffett offers a simple solution. Instead of saving what is left after your expenses, you should spend what is left after you are done with your savings for the month.

Invest Rs.55,000 Only Once And Get 7 crore Rs. How to invest in Mutual Funds India

Taking too little life and medical insurance Well, one may never get to regret taking a low life cover but your dependents will surely feel the impact of this mistake. One broad approximation is about times the annual income of the individual.

Where are you going to put your savings?

The cover must be big enough to settle loans as well. These are one-time expenses and their present cost should be taken into account while calculating the cover. Hemant Kumar is the sole breadwinner and has a home loan of Rs 25 lakh. He should not delay buying insurance because premiums shoot up after Not setting up an emergency fund Everyone needs an emergency fund.

You could lose your job, or somebody in the family may need medical care—you never know what lies ahead. Though a credit card does come in handy when you face a financial crisis, the cushion that plastic money provides lasts only days, till the bill arrives. Experts say one should have at least months of expenses in an emergency fund, but this can vary depending on whether your spouse also works or you have a secure job. The best option is a sweep-in bank account or short-term debt funds.

Avoid putting the emergency corpus in equity-linked instruments.

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If the stock market is down at that point in time, you will be forced to sell at a loss. Recall the situation in , when stock prices crashed and jobs disappeared almost at the same time. Any windfall gain, such as a tax refund or an annual bonus, should also be diverted to it. However, treat this amount as sacrosanct. Under no circumstances should you dip into it for discretionary expenses. Not making enough money in stocks? Click here for real-life stories of successful investors. Read more on savings. Financial Mistakes.

How does interest compound on Gabby’s savings?

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