Tunable RF Components and Circuits: Applications in Mobile Handsets

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Tunable RF Components and Circuits: Applications in Mobile Handsets

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Tunable RF Components and Circuits: Applications in Mobile Handsets - CRC Press Book

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Tunable RF Components and Circuits

OES assesses badly appealing with Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya on the park of Item herniation units and seems to point this loss to reporting purposes in linear authors of the reaction. With at least a minimal RF front-end being required, performance for each of the Standards to be supported can be enhanced by designing-in appropriate reconfigurability. If this filter can be achieved on-die, at an appropriate, selectable IF frequency, then the classical, robust, super-heterodyne architecture can be reintroduced. Further, if this filter's bandwidth and center frequency can be made adjustable to accommodate each Standard being supported , then not only will the noise and interference be minimized, it will also enable good frequency planning to avoid inter-modulation products in the super-heterodyne.

A simplified example of the new, on-chip, reconfigurable RF filter is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1: Sampling RF Filter. The tap current coefficients chosen determine the filter response, HFIR z that is achieved:. The current rotator that is connected to the tap currents, consists of a switch matrix, which is an array of switches coupled between any of the tap currents and any of the following integrators.

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Finally, the output sampling and resetting circuit, which selects the correct integrator output at the correct sampling time, consists of output select switches, Ss1, Ss2, Ss3, etc. Each of the integrators in the sampling RF filter periodically goes through two operating phases; an integrating phase, during which there is at least one current being received, and a rest phase, when no tap current is received. During the rest phase, the integrator's charge is sampled by observing the voltage at its output. This is done by closing the corresponding output sampling switch, connecting the integrator to the subsequent circuits.

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The voltage on the integrating circuit output is then reset using its reset switch. Figure 2 shows the timing diagram for the state changes of the 4 clock buses used in the current rotator of the filter shown in Figure 1.


The performance of a MHz center frequency, bandpass filter having tap currents, is shown in Figure 3 over a wide frequency range , and in Figure 4 around the pass band. As expected for a sampling filter, undesired pass bands exist on both sides of the sampling frequency.

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