Find Your Voice: Transform your voice for personal and professional success

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I am able to give my message to the world. Roger, I am eternally grateful. Roger Love is the best in his industry. The only time I lose my voice is when I don't put into practice the simple exercises that saved my voice and saved my power that I learned from him. Learn from this truly amazing vocal master. Let him change your voice and the way that the world reacts to you.

I have seen him change peoples voices and lives in minutes on stage, he saved my career. For anyone who wants to speak more effectively, Roger Love is the man to hear and learn from.

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Finding Your Brand’s Voice

Our mission is helping each person find and develop a voice that sounds authentic, knowledgeable, authoritative and engaging. Word of mouth referrals are always great, but you can also turn to the online world to see what other people are saying about the singing teachers and vocal coaches in your area.

A quick local search on google is sure to pull up many helpful results.

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Additionally, the American Federation of Music and the National Association of Teachers of Singing can supply you with listings of voice teachers and vocal coaches. Google or other search engines can provide vocal coaches offering online voice training and tutorials. Vocal coaches with online singing lessons can offer you first-rate instruction while giving you more choices in determining which coach you want to work with. Before you start seeking out your dream vocal teacher, you should consider what you want to achieve from your private voice lessons.

Whether you want someone to help you train to get into a vocal studio, to help you feel more confident with public speaking, or to extend your vocal range and boost your vocal performance — knowing what you want is the first step in the right direction. The whole aim of investing in a vocal coach is they will be able to spot your vocal flaws, strengths and weaknesses and will have the knowledge and training to help you correct them.

You may even be looking for a voice-over coach for audition work in acting. Of course, a good vocal coach or singing teacher will be able to help you with your technique regardless of whether their personal taste aligns with yours.

5 Ways to Find and Develop Your Leadership Voice

However, it really will help to push you forward faster if you find someone who shares your style, as they will have the technical knowledge that works within that industry. It may seem trite alongside other factors like qualifications, knowledge, and trust — but some logistical planning should come into play when choosing a singing teacher. With offline voice lessons, if your singing teacher or vocal coach lives on the other side of town, then there is more risk of disruption to your vocal lesson plan.

Bad weather, delays on the road, car trouble — a number of things can get in the way. You also need to ask questions about cost, availability and schedule. You want to find someone who you can afford to work with and who has a timetable of lessons that you are able to weave into your life.

Use these tips from top voice-over artists to make people want to listen to what you have to say.

The more research you do to find someone who fits first time, the less disruption you will face later on in the process. You want to select a teacher that works within your schedule and budget, otherwise you may find yourself on a start or stop program which will have a negative impact on the development of your progress and technique. Finding out if your vocal coach has relevant qualifications for reputable institutions may make you feel at ease that their background knowledge is firmly in place. How long has the vocal coach been in business, how many students have passed through their doors, what is their average number of weeks, months, years spent with a student.

While qualifications are impressive, you should seek vocal coaches that have passion, persistence and in-depth knowledge and understanding of how the singing voice works. When first meeting a vocal coach you may be impressed by the technical terms being thrown around the room, but dig a little deeper. Its beneficial to arrive at the first meeting with some background knowledge and research on healthy singing techniques of your own.

That way, you are well prepared to ask questions and correctly evaluate the answers. Warning lights should sound if the vocal coach has a bizarre or experimental technique with sketchy science to back it up. You should never guinea pig your voice. A good teacher will know the ins and outs and reasoning as to why they are asking you to do something.

A good vocal coach should make you feel completely comfortable and at ease in their presence. If someone you are working with makes you feel uncomfortable, it will show in your voice. You want a teacher who will give you time and space to air your concerns, and who will address them and work your actionable goals into a personal program suited to your needs. Take recommendations from others who have worked with vocal coaches, attend a few lessons, ask questions, scrutinize how you feel after you have left, and always trust your gut instinct when selecting a teacher who you want to go further with.

What Is Your Leadership Voice?

Take one lesson with your vocal instructor for a test run before you sign up for the long haul. This gives you a chance to check out the personality, style, and technique of the vocal coach you are considering working with. The lesson should include vocal warm-ups, exercises, and technique. You want to have discussed with your potential vocal coach all questions and concerns before your lesson so that you can focus all your lesson time on developing your singing ability.

Also, upon leaving your first lesson you want to feel pleased and confident that you are going to make progress with this person. Pay attention to how your vocal cords feel. If you are in pain or suffering from a burning feeling , then you may not want to return. A good vocal coach will advocate singing in a healthy manner, and this does not involve causing painful stress on your vocals.

As your lessons continue and your singing voice develops, you might want to review your progress to ensure that you are reaching your goals.

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