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Press and hold the left or right Alt key, tap and release the other Alt key on your keyboard, and then press Tab. Hold down the Ctrl key, and then tap Tab repeatedly to switch to the tab to the right. There are many other keyboard shortcuts for working with tabs , too. To move a window onto another virtual desktop, drag it to the desktop icon at the top of the screen with your mouse. This is the same interface that opens when you click the Task View button to the right of the Cortana icon on your taskbar.

However, the keyboard shortcut might be more convenient. That felt more like a tech demo for 3D on Windows rather than a useful window switcher. Comments 0. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Windows Mac iPhone Android.

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Smarthome Office Security Linux. Bed and breakfast Grand Oaks Inn launched it's website today. Designed by Applied Office, this website features a warm, inviting look and offers a number of photos of their beautiful rooms and properties to would-be guests. Through use of CSS, web developers can create more-efficient page layouts and enable their pages to be standards-compliant, including Section OpenDoor Services launched its website today, designed by Applied Office.

The website features a bold look to match their attractive color scheme and simple, appealing logo.

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The instructor hired for the full-day class was Applied Office owner David Diskin. One participant particularly enjoyed the session on keyboard shortcuts and the use of Word's AutoText feature while composing emails. Employees of local heath care company Crestwood Behavioral Health added training to their monthly meeting this morning when Applied Office arrived to show the group of 25 employees how to be more efficient in Microsoft Excel.

The one-hour session covered techniques ranging from simple to advanced, so that every employee would learn something new including seasoned Excel users. Tips included AutoSum, series fill, freezing a split window, using formulas such as IF and the formula helper, formatting tricks, and keyboard shortcuts.

Through an ongoing set of classes provided to University of the Pacific staff, David Diskin demonstrated Adobe Dreamweaver today. The three-hour hands-on class at a lab in the School of Engineering and Computer Science covered beginner concepts including using templates, hyperlinks, adding images, marking up text, and usability.

In addition to Dreamweaver, Diskin also teaches classes to the staff on Microsoft Office applications. Diskin is also a part-time professor at University of the Pacific, teaching an introductory computer class to students. BCM is an application tied directly into Outlook that helps sales professionals follow-up on their leads, track opportunities, and prepare reports on their funnels, activities, and neglected contacts.

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Joyce Petrolla of Realty World wrote back, "It was helpful for me to ask specific needs questions since I will be the one that will help both of them as we move forward in the next few months. I know it was good for Christy because she received a good overview of the key features she needs to use.

I picked up several short cuts and tidbits too. When general contractors Maloney and Bell needed assistance with Microsoft Outlook, they turned to the internet and found Applied Office ready to help. Owner David Diskin spoke with the business's controller Kristie Kotaska and soon planned a custom course for their 15 employees. Diskin drove to their Rancho Cordova office to provide training on-site, using a laptop and projector for demonstration while employees watched and asked questions as they progressed through the two-hour session.

Kotaska wrote, "Thank you for the training that you performed yesterday. It was very beneficial to our employees, and I have received a lot of good feedback. Continuing his twice-a-year tradition, Applied Office owner David Diskin spent the afternoon volunteering at the Lodi Street Faire, shuttling around exhausted shoppers and helping them take merchandise back to their cars.

Being a volunteer web designer for the City of Lodi, he attended the conference to learn about new trends in government web development, accessibility, content management, and future products such as Microsoft Expression Web Designer and Microsoft SharePoint. After nearly nine months of planning, a logo change, all new content, and several 30th Anniversary celebrations, the Women's Center of San Joaquin County has launched their new website designed and maintained by David Diskin of Applied Office. Our hope is that victims will visit the website to learn how to seek help for the situation they are in.

Portions of the site are also aimed to students doing research on violence and abuse, and to potential donors looking for more information on the Center's involvement. Later this year, donors will be able to place a donation securely through the website using PayPal. Diskin also plans to provide free computer training to employees of the Women's Center later this winter. The seminar offered tips and tricks on configuring Microsoft Exchange followed by previews of Windows Vista and Exchange David has been running Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Office for some time now as a beta tester, and providing groups the opportunity to see the software with hands-on demonstrations.

Food and entertainment was enjoyed by all among perfect weather at Micke Grove Park. Applied Office was a proud sponsor of this event. Lodi Councilman Larry Hansen kicked off his campaign for re-election this evening with a slideshow presentation designed by Applied Office. The presentation featured photos of his family and community involvement, intermixed with video clips from his appearances on Oprah Winfrey and Geraldo, and testimonials from community leaders.

The World of Wonders Science Museum held its first public fundraiser today at Lodi Lake, and Applied Office was there taking photos of the occasion to include on their website. Applied Office is proud to work with the World of Wonders and provides their website and graphics services free of charge.

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David Diskin, owner of Applied Office, began a new semester at University of the Pacific teaching Comp25 to a classroom of 27 eager students. This nighttime class is a requirement for many majors including Business Management and Sports Therapy.

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The class covers computer hardware, software, website design, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access. It is four units and includes a weekly lab session. Applied Office has extended a special offer for clients of Seismic Computer Management. Get more information. A slideshow was created to feature seven magnificent live-auction prizes for an audience of over supporters.

The slideshow was provided free of charge. The State of California has granted Applied Office certified Small Business status, entitling it to special preference on bids. Local grape grower has hired Applied Office to provide Microsoft Excel training to its employees. Two sessions of different skill sets were scheduled so that all attendees could feel comfortable and learn at their own pace. In partnership with the Lodi Chamber of Commerce, Applied Office owner David Diskin is proud to announce six new classes scheduled to help people make the most of their computer software.

These classes are 45 minutes in length and are presented with lunch at the chamber conference room. For class descriptions and more information, visit the Applied Lunches page. As part of University of the Pacific's commitment to excellence, members of the faculty are being offered a variety of continuing training classes during the summer. Four of those classes will be taught by Applied Office owner David Diskin.

Those classes include two on Microsoft Excel, one on Microsoft Access queries, and another on using Microsoft Publisher. When media buyer Pro-Active Media upgraded their network to include Small Business Server , they knew they needed a little help learning the new features of Microsoft Outlook with Exchange. Their computer consultant, Compass Computing 's Matthew Meltzer, recommended computing training professional Applied Office.

While visiting Los Angeles, CA on business and pleasure, instructor David Diskin spent three hours with the five-employee staff and demonstrated features such as shared calendars, organizing email, and archiving old items. To help test their new conference room and training project, David Diskin was asked to provide a short lecture on Microsoft Outlook for twenty employees of the California Department of Social Services.

Immediately following the lecture, employees were asked to evaluate the facility, materials, and instructor. Applied Office is happy to report a glowing review and that additional lectures have been scheduled. Planned for later this fall, Applied Office will be providing weekly classes to the thousand employees of this state department. The department has a new training room with ten PCs so that employees can practice lessons hands-on while they are provided via projector. David Diskin is thrilled to announce his involvement with the World of Wonders Science Museum, taking on the role of the volunteer marketing director.

The museum, set to launch in early , will be built in Downtown Lodi and draw students from as far north as Sacramento and as far south as Turlock. The hands-on museum will be a family-friendly location for enthusiasts to learn about a variety of science disciplines such as physics and life science. The opportunity to bring that to the central valley was too good to pass up, so I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of," said Diskin on why he wanted to volunteer.

Diskin's duties will include the drafting of a marketing plan for the museum, creating print and online materials, and consulting with the board of directors on positioning and market reach. Visit the website at www. Through the conference, owner David Diskin was introduced to the training coordinators of over 50 state departments and agencies.

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Not only were agencies interested in Applied Office's on-site services, but the insight gained from other trainers was invaluable. Over three weeks, David Diskin provided six hours of hands-on training in their conference room and six hours of custom application development and one-on-one assistance. When finished, their tracking system was easier to use, provided more meaningful results, and reduced month-end processing time dramatically. Real estate agents and staff of Schaffer, Suess, and Boyd completed three sessions of training today on a variety of Microsoft Office applications.

Working closely with Kevin Suess, instructor David Diskin created custom agendas for Publisher, PowerPoint, and Excel that were geared towards the real estate industry. Employees were grouped based on their familiarity with PowerPoint and learned hands-on how to create compelling presentations. In an announcement with the Lodi Chamber of Commerce, Applied Office will begin a series of lunchtime computer workshops aimed at business professionals in the Lodi area.

These short classes, with lunch included, will offer tips on Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Windows XP and cover general and specific tasks. For more information on this series of workshops, visit the Applied Lunches webpage. Recently acquired pharmaceutical company NeighborCare decided a little training never hurt anyone.

Although the business's leaders had used the software for sometime, many did not know of its finer features and collaborative functions. Their time learning those features, shortcuts, and other skills was well spent. Employer advisory committees, like the one this evening, assure that there is a strong labor market for skills taught. Courses provide meaningful career training and pathway opportunities through relevant training.

The classes seek to improve the "hire-ability" of graduating students. Turning is a milestone for any city, and this year Lodi is recognizing its centennial birthday with a year-long celebration that is sure to be something to remember. Applied Office owner David Diskin met with City Clerk Susan Blackston and other staff to plan and develop the centennial website which launched today. Features of the site include a historic photo album, random trivia, a calendar of centennial events, and lists of sponsors and volunteers who are helping out in a variety of ways.

One of the more touching features is a section devoted to passages from fellow Lodians who have memorable moments of our town and want to share their Lodi Pride with others. Upon announcing the website at a city council meeting, Blackston recognized Diskin by saying, "David generously donated his time and talent to update [the site]; he did a wonderful job. Diskin was recognized by Lodi Mayor Susan Hitchcock during the same council meeting.

Thank you very much," said Hitchcock while presenting to Diskin a certificate of appreciation. The certificate reads: "On behalf of the Lodi City Council, we present this certificate in recognition of your contribution of time and talent in designing the official website for the Lodi Centennial celebration.

Your effort, creativity, and attention to detail are evident within the design of the website , which reflects Lodi's community pride and festive spirit in its event calendar, stories, and photographs. We appreciate your generosity and community spirit! Upon accepting the certificate, Diskin thanked Blackston as well as Janet Hamilton and Jennifer Perrin for their assistance in providing content for the website.

Also recognized was Steve Mann for his contribution of dozens of historical photographs. The Lodi Centennial Website can be viewed at www. Graduates of the local women's shelter Lodi House are continuing their computer classes from last year and learning more about Microsoft Word and Excel, and soon PowerPoint.

Hoping to find more than just entry-level positions, these women are attending hands-on two-hour sessions on Microsoft Office software, provided by Applied Office. Through a contract with Sierra College , Applied Office was called in today to provide a full-day session training over a dozen employees on Microsoft Visio. Covering the basics to complex Gantt charts and organizational chart, each Western Care employee learned hands-on and by the end of class felt comfortable in using software that they hadn't even heard of before today.

Sierra College provides technical training to a number of local organizations, and facilitated today's training through powerful laptop computers that enabled employees to try the software while it was being demonstrated on the big screen. Books from Microsoft Press rounded out this full-service training solution, allowing employees to have an at-hand resource for any questions they might have in the coming months.

Thanks to a tip-off from online advertising, residential developer Ranchwood Homes out of Merced has provided beginner MS Project training for its top project managers. Applied Office instructor David Diskin gave the two-hour class today and provided study materials and sample templates, and the company plans a follow-up session in the near future. The project managers at Teichert spent their time today learning how to use the most powerful project-management software around - Microsoft Project. Applied Office brought laptops to their Turlock branch office to train sixteen PMs and administrative staff on the beginning features of Project and Microsoft Outlook.

With these new skills, this company will find itself to be far more efficient and resourceful than ever. They will be able to easily manage the aspects of the dozens of projects they simultaneously work on, while controlling costs and improving communication. Further training is planned in a few months after the staff has "gotten their feet wet" and installed Microsoft Project Server.

Through a purely coincidental meeting, Applied Office is now an authorized independent trainer of Sierra College's Training and Development program, which delivers custom performance solutions to Placer and Nevada County employers. Business consultant for Sierra College , Judy Schmidt, recognized Applied Office's skills immediately to help one of her clients learn Microsoft Visio. Members of SJHRA can not only save money while learning to be more efficient on their computer, but they can help out a great cause.

Learn more here. Course professor Cathi Schuler is excited to have Diskin as part of the team, looking forward to updating the curriculum with a new perspective.

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Diskin's class is two nights a week in a new hands-on computer lab. The additional section to Comp 25 was created due to high demand for the class's curriculum and prerequisite requirements for a number of majors. Go Tigers! Microsoft, in conjunction with partners like Applied Office , has created a special promotion to encourage upgrades to Microsoft Office In just a short amount of time, Applied Office has the leading choice of on-site computer training in the central California area with clients like Teichert Construction and Lodi Memorial Hospital, and even traveling as far as Los Angeles to help accounting firm Wayne, Gaynor, Umanoff, and Pollock.

Database development has touched local companies like Duran Homes and Rydel's Vacuums, and environmentalist group Community Conservancy International. Tech firms Sendio and ServePath have seen the benefits of an MS Office specialist at work enhancing their documentation and electronic forms. But helping commercial entities was only part of the focus for Applied Office.

Dedicated to helping our community, the Lodi Public Library now boasts a beautiful website , the Animal Friends humane society now enjoys DSL service and networked PCs, and work is in progress for other groups like the Women's Center and Kiwanis of Lodi. Most notable, however, is the free training that has been given to the public at the Lodi Public Library -- over 60 hours! In , Applied Office logged hours donated to various organizations in the area.

Secrets of the Windows Control Panel

As a result of his work in the area, owner David Diskin has been named Volunteer of the Year by the Lodi Chamber of Commerce -- a recognition that will be presented later this month in front of hundreds. Thank you to all of our clients, partners, and vendors, for making successful. Here's to another year.

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Applied Office provided on-site instruction for RNs, accountants, HR professionals, and clerks in their computer-equipped training room. Courses were customized to LMH's needs to include specific information about Microsoft Outlook and their Exchange server, internal email policies, and graphics design standards while creating PowerPoint presentations. Students surveyed enjoyed the class and cannot wait to sign up for more. Another full-day session for 40 more employees is scheduled the following week.

Though the firm has long been using computers to process tax returns, statements, and budget forecasts, they recently abandoned Lotus in favor of Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft software. They knew their employees would need training -- especially with the tips and tricks that many Excel users take for granted -- and that's exactly what they got in this two-day employee training session. Firm employee David Wayne commented: "The staff and partners extend a thanks for the training and I personally want to express my gratitude for your advice and patience.

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Applied Office was proud to be among the sponsors of today's State of the City luncheon. Congratulations, Paul! As part of an on-going arrangement with women's shelter Lodi House , Applied Office has provided the first of a series of job-prep classes to its women graduates. admin